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    MLab Designs help re-create and refurbish to the client expectations.

  • About MLab Designs

    Strive for simplicity. Deliver sophistication.

    Architectural/Interior Team

    MLab Designs is a firm/design studio located in London. Our studio approaches design with a critical eye that challenges the typical vision of the built environment. We are able to help you find your needs and process this information in plan/model form. This will allow you to have a perspective, and understanding with the arrangement given by the client. After the model plan and your happy with changes done to your apartment/area, we will quote you a final price and get working to transforming everything you requested.


    Recent works include measuring bedrooms and re-creating a new visual 3D model plans, using our new architectural software. We work in different scales, which is highly capable to produce.

    Media Team

    We have a well equipped and experienced media team working with us! They will be able to reveal, showcase and market property buildings through the power of filming and editing.

  • The Design Process

    We design and make everything ourselves.

    Designing Structure


    The design inspiration can come from an observation of what's missing from a client's current collection or a simple change.



    We'll make small scale models with our new software to test out an idea and then complete the final plan.

    Interior Plan


    We work through several rounds of production samples by working on our drafts, to refine and tweak - until the client is extremely satisfied. We will quote you a final price of what you requested from this plan and start the refurbishment.

  • Q&A

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    Modern and luxurious, as we want to portray the right image to our brand.

    How does the process work?

    Meet fee will be included which cost £25 in London, too meet you for 1 hour and discuss your needs. This cover our transportation and time. We will then take pictures of the areas/rooms you select you want to change and we send you a draft model the next working day via email.

    How do you work with clients?

    We favor the immediacy of planning for our clients and find what suits them. Our clients benefit from having draft plan/3D models specially designed and drawn to scale. Being able to have an idea of what you want by our specialists to help guide you through it is our motive.

    Are you allowed to do this?

    Yes, we are highly experienced and graduates in BA honors in Architecture, Interior Design,
    Film and TV Production and Business Managment and Italian. We have the knowledge and qualifications and years of experience. We will work in a professional environment and deliver to your expectations.

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